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Brunswick Valley Kennel Club all-breeds championship shows, July 2017: results

Notice for all members.

The Annual General Meeting for BVKC will be held on Tuesday 31st October

at 12 md at Branding Rail, Murwillumbah Showground. All welcome

Results of the Club's July 2017 shows are now online on the Results page.
[Posted 29/7/17]


Brunswick Valley Kennel Club all-breeds championship shows, July 2017: info


FRIDAY 21st, SATURDAY 22nd, SUNDAY 23rd JULY 2017.

The town of Murwillumbah including the Showground were badly hit by the floods of 31st March. Businesses are getting back on line and they would really appreciate any help from visitors wanting to buy any goods, drinks or food in town. The showground itself is looking great and the Showground Trust Secretary (who also is a farmer) is looking forward to a glorious weekend weather wise and lots of happy visitors and campers. Please come and help support Murwillumbah.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Mr Arthur Fry (Vic) has been the approved replacement for Mrs A Colyer (Vic) for this year's Brunswick Shows.

Classes to be judged: 1,2,3,4,5,10,11 & 18.(dogs and bitches)

Send entries to: BVKC INC c/o Mrs J.Lanham, PO Box 356 OMEAU QLD 4208

Online entries Available: with SHOW MANAGER at

Inquiries/entries: 0409 720 882

Extreme Weather: 0424 354 400

Cheques made payable to: BRUNSWICK VALLEY KENNEL CLUB Inc.

Entry Fees: Breed $10, Sweepstakes $6, Baby puppies $6. No stamped addressed envelope required, numbers to be collected at the show.

Catalogues : $9 covers all 3 shows

One entry form only required per dog, if being shown in the same class each day, entry form should be marked clearly with which days you are entering. If the dog changes classes you will need a seperate entry for stating the day/s of class changes.

A seperate entry form is required for Sweepstakes entries, with dates entered.

One cheque is acceptable to cover all shows entered.

Prizes - Category B: Trophy and Sash


Ring 1. Gundogs,Terriers, 3/6months sweepstakes

Ring 2. Toys, Hounds. 6/12 months sweepstakes GENERAL SPECIALS

Ring 3. Working dogs, Utility, Non Sporting

Friday judging commences with Sweepstakes @ 9.00 am.

Mr. A. Fry Vic. Toys, Hounds, GENERAL SPECIALS (2)

Mrs. L. Watson Vic. 3-6 mths S/stakes (1) Terriers, Gundogs (1)

Mrs. L. Brown.NSW. 6/12 mths S/stakes(2) Working dogs, Utility, Non Sporting(3)

SATURDAY judging commences with Sweepstakes @ 9.00 am.

Mr. A. Fry Vic. 3-6 mths S/stakes (1) Gundogs,Terriers, (1)

Mrs. L. Watson Vic. 6/12 mths S/stakes(2) Utility, Non Sporting,Working dogs,(3)

Mrs. L. Brown.NSW. Hounds, Toys, GENERAL SPECIALS (2)

SUNDAY judging commences with Sweepstakes @ 9.00 am.

Mr. A. Fry Vic. 6/12 mths S/stakes(2) Non Sporting, Working dogs, Utility,(3)

Mrs. L. Watson Vic.Toys, Hounds, GENERAL SPECIALS (2)

Mrs. L. Brown. NSW. 3-6 mths S/stakes (1)Terriers, Gundogs. (1)

Dogs Junior handlers classes will be conducted at this show. Accredited Judges will be advised on the day.

Camping: Report to caretaker on arrival. paid with entries $20 (no refunds) per night/per site if paid with entries.

$25 per night/per site if paid during shows.This rate only applies for the days of the shows i.e. Thursday, Friday,Saturday nights.

Site consists of caravans,tents and includes gazebos if used as sleeping quarters for the duration of the shows.

Any additional days/nights will be charged at the usual showground rate,(?) and will be collected by the caretaker on the grounds.

Refreshments: Canteen and refreshments available from Ed's tucker Box.

[Posted 4/7/17]

Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club show, December 2017

The Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club show advises that its December day show will commence at 08:00 am.
[Posted 3/7/17]

Jannaffer Lee

On 9 September 2016 our Northern Regions Coastal and Inland Regionís Dogs NSW Director, Jann Lee, passed away. Jann was arguably one of the staunchest advocates for the canine community. She was passionate about the welfare and care of dogs in all fields of dog promotion. She was especially proud of being on the Board of Directors thus enabling her to be of help to the members who required assistance from her. It was indeed rare to attend a dog show in either region and not see Jann working in some capacity. She made herself available wherever she might be needed by the committees concerned in the running of shows. Jann enjoyed every part of it from the setting-up, writing, stewarding, trophy-delivering, even the packing-up. On a personal level I found Jann to be a straight-talking, honest, fair, level-headed and forgiving person who held no grudges, and a very special friend. We extend our sincere sympathies to her husband Allen who cared so well for her during her illness, her children, their partners, grandchildren, her extended family and friends. Always in our hearts. — Virginia Brown
[Posted 11/9/16]